Head Office

Khakiya Travels & Tours
#60B, Green Lane
Colombo - 13
Sri Lanka.

P: +94 11 244 8155
P: +94 11 244 8156
F: +94 11 232 1571
E: info@khakiya.com

About Us

Khakiya Travels & Tours is the most trusted and reputed travel and tour company in Sri Lanka.
We provide our customers complete solutions from group tour packages to tailor
made private itineraries.

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Khakiya Travels & Tours is nurturing interest, customer understanding enduring relationships and committed to carrying out business in the correct way and it believes in a philosophy that customer is always right. Our objective is to provide quality services for those who are seeking new adventure and new experiences through the exciting world of travel and tours. We envisage a network of well-trained staff associates to meet the multiple requirements of leisure and other travelers.

Khakiya Travels & Tours is a progressive company empowering its staff in an innovative approaches to serve its valued customers and their ultimate satisfaction. Khakiya Travels & Tours is based upon a strong ethical background that every information of business, its activities are driven by value system encompassing high work ethics, always consistent and reliable. Khakiya Travels & Tours is renowned in Sri Lanka as well as internationally as the travel company providing excellent services in innovative perspective.

Khakiya Travels & Tours offers its valued customers with an array of quality destination management solutions that is the objective of any discerning private or corporate leisure or business traveler. Khakiya Travels & Tours will use innovation as a tool to generate the travel brand both inbound and outbound travel packages for the sensitive traveler.

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We are one of the distinguished tour operators in Sri Lanka

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